Rpsc first grade (1st grade) new vacancy-2012

will come soon
dear aspirants I think it may be ur turning point if u tried best then its ur turn to achieve the goal and the advertisement will be in newspapers soon as Mr. K.K. Pathak said to the candidates who went to rpsc to improve and amendment in their result for first grade English and commerce along with rest of the candidate went their to get the reality of result-hauvaa.

My dear friends
all of us are trying to find out our destiny and some of us got their targets and some of are trying yet.

Don’t be upset and prepare yourself for the coming examination.

And selected candidate should not be deprived from their posts but the real successor shouldnt also be deprived. Thanx to all off you.

Rpsc exam is trying to give you a platform where all of us can get information and the communication among competitors. Rpsc first grade and second grade.